Cool Tip of the Day 12: Your Presence Information and Access Levels

Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007 R2 contact, including you, has a
full set of presence attributes that describe availability, activity,
and willingness
to be contacted. Presence attributes also include contact information
such as phone numbers, personal notes, and location. The amount and type
of presence information that you make available to others is controlled
by Access Levels. For example, when you assign a contact to the Team
Access Level, that contact has access to your mobile phone number,
calendar “free or busy” information, and your location, as shown in this
these attributes are defined in Microsoft® Active Directory®, they are
visible to all contacts in your company, regardless of Access Level.
They are also visible to federated contacts, depending on the assigned
Access Level. They are not visible to public instant messaging contacts.

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Neeti Gupta
Product Manager, UC Technical Audience Marketing

Published Wednesday, April 22, 2009 8:15 AM

Comments (2)

  1. deesea says:

    Can the client be made to detect when you change location and prompt you to enter the name of the location.  If not then could this be added to the product please.

  2. Jeff25 says:

    Hi, on the list of Presenters, during a Lync meeting, a telephone icon displays for all participant who joined via Lync. This icon can show a "Muted" icon, if applicable. Also understand for some people, the telephone icon indicates, by changing color,
    who is currently speaking. Mine does not do that. How do I activate this functionality, so I can see who is speaking? Thanks. EM:

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