Using Voice from the Keyboard

Tips and Tricks: Using Voice from the Keyboard

Several folks have asked me how to answer calls in Communicator using the keyboard, especially when you are using headsets. Well, there is a way to do this even in shipping versions of Communicator 2007, as well as the upcoming Office Communicator 2007 R2.

Whenever a call is ringing, just use the following key combinations to answer the call:

  • Windows Logo Key* + A

This will answer the call immediately for you, no matter what application you are currently focused on.
If you would rather see who the call is from before answering it, you can navigate to the call toast using

  • Windows Logo Key* + T

Once you are on the toast there are several interesting shortcuts you can further use:

  • ALT + D will decline the call
  • ALT + C will accept the call

OK, now that you have answered the call, how do you end it as quickly? That is simple as well.  Press the following single key:

  •  Esc

Escape will end the conversation and close the window including any Instant Messages that you might have had going with that conversation. If you would just like to end the voice call, use

  • ALT + Q

A lot of times you need to bring Communicator to the front to launch into a new voice or IM session with someone. Instead of using the mouse to do this, here is another quick one that I use to launch Communicator instantly.

  • Windows Logo Key* + Q

Once Communicator is in the foreground, the search field has the focus by default.  You can type a name and press CTRL + ENTER to make a call.  Alternatively, you can type a phone number like 1-800-FLOWERS or simply type a number or an extension, and press ENTER to make a call.  Communicator also makes entering DTMF digits when connected to a call super easy, all you need to do is to just type in the extension from the keyboard.

The complete documentation on shortcuts in Communicator is available here:
I am sure you will find some of these very handy.

*Note: Some applications can steal the Windows Logo Key combinations if they are installed first.  You can uninstall the application in question, and make sure you receive a call in Communicator to ensure that the hotkey is restored to Communicator as the owning application.
-Rajesh Ramanathan, Senior Program Manager Lead

 Published Tuesday, December 09, 2008 2:11 AM by octeam
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