RoundTable at VoiceCon Orlando 2008

A month ago I was lucky enough to attend VoiceCon Orlando 2008 with some members of our group. One of the highlights for me was a nice video during the Microsoft keynote that showed how the Microsoft RoundTable was used to connect a child with cancer to a room full of classmates at the school (they had a RoundTable) so that he could see everyone and interact with them.

If you haven’t heard of it before, the RoundTable is a great technology that empowers people in ways that were not easily possible before. It is a USB device that has a number of cameras and microphones to capture everything going on around it and to focus on the active speaker simultaneously. When paired with Microsoft Live Meeting you get a full 360® view of the room and additionally you can see the active speaker separately. When paired with Microsoft Office Communicator, it will be the default audio/video device and can be used to see the active speaker within Communicator.

I encourage you to check out this 3 minute video to see it in action. For additional information on the RoundTable you can find it on our website.

Brandon Taylor
Program Manager II

Published Tuesday, April 22, 2008 11:00 AM by octeam
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