Office Communicator Mobile 2007 Released!

With the release of Communicator Mobile 2007 (CoMo) we round out the release of the Office Communicator Client family. CoMo is an very important member of this family allowing mobile workers access to the same productivity enhancing communications facilities as they enjoy on their desktop or on their desk phone.

In the New World of Work, an “office” is increasingly a fluid concept. No longer confined to a single building that we go to in the morning and return from in the evening, our office can be in our home, in a hotel, in a coffee shop or on a train. The information workers of today find themselves in all these different situations, however they still have the same needs – access to information and access to people. All our unified communications products are rooted in solving the latter issue – giving people the means to communicate wherever they are, whatever device they are using and with whichever means they find the most appropriate. It is this type of empowerment that is the makes for a people-ready business and it underscores once more why software is the key ingredient to employee productivity.

With CoMo you have the ability to quickly glance at your contact list, determine who is available and contact them either via Instant Messaging or a phone call with a click of a button. My personal favorite feature is the corporate directory search. I cant even count the number of times I have been on the road (not driving my car of course!) and had to get in touch with someone at work. Earlier this would have meant calling up the operator and have them connect me to the person (and if you think that’s easy – try to pronounce my name). Now I just type in part of the person’s name and voila, up comes a list of results and I can contact them in the way I please – mail, instant messaging or phone. Presence also lets me know if I will get a hold of them or if I will end up in voicemail.

To know more about the benefits of Unified Communications and the anywhere access it provides, please check

- Amritash Raghav
Director, Office Communicator

Published Tuesday, October 16, 2007 2:24 PM by octeam

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  1. Is there any tools available officially by Microsoft to support OCS 2007 R2 on Android ?

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