Luper’s Learnings – Azure Technical Community for Partners (June 2016)

This is the last Luper’s Learnings for Microsoft’s Fiscal Year 2016. I hope that you’ve found value from these emails over the past year. Your input continues to make this a more valuable resource. Please keep the suggestions coming via Twitter and email.

Thanks so much for your patience. With all the excitement closing our FY16 and planning going on for our new Fiscal Year (FY17) on 1 July, it’s taken me longer than I had planned to get this edition to you. It would be wonderful to hear from you -- both stories you have of how Luper’s Learnings has impacted you individually, your Azure partner organization or your customers as well as any suggestions you have for improving Luper’s Learnings in the coming year. Being able to talk about your stories here in Redmond enables me to continue to get time and investment to share my Learnings with you each month. Please share any short stories you have by email to luperslearnings (at) Thanks!

Here we go with my Learnings from the last month…

  •  Two of Microsoft’s biggest and best conferences take place within the next few months. The first, coming up just about a month from today is our Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). As I mentioned in the May Luper’s Learnings, WPC is taking place in Toronto, Canada from 10 July – 14 July. It’s generally not a conference that purely technical folks from partners attend. If, however, you’re in a role with business and commercial responsibilities as well and will be there, please make a point to say ‘hi’ as I’ll be there the whole week.
  • I’ve also told you previously about Ignite in Atlanta in September. It’s the premier conference for partners to go for in person, deep dive technical training on all topics Azure. Plans are just starting to come together for an Azure Partner Networking Happy Hour during Ignite. If you’ll be at Ignite watch this space for more details and, of course, feel free to reach out to me to make sure that we connect during the week of Ignite.

Thanks for sticking with me and making it to the bottom of the June Luper’s Learnings. And, again, apologies for it getting to you a few days later than usual. I’d love your input for topics for the July edition let me know what they are!

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