Luper’s Learnings – Azure Technical Community for Partners (May 2016)

 Last month’s Luper’s Learnings was a bit overwhelming so I tried to scale this one down a touch. Your input continues to make this a more valuable resource. Please keep the suggestions coming via Twitter and email.

Speaking of input, I do have a selfish ask for you this month. It’s amazing to see the growth in subscribers from inside Microsoft and Azure partners around the world. In addition to being able to talk about number of recipients, I would be very appreciative for you to share any stories you have of how Luper’s Learnings has impacted you individually, your Azure partner organization or your customers. Being able to talk about your stories here in Redmond enables me to continue to get time and investment to share my Learnings with you each month. Please share any short stories you have by email to luperslearnings (at) Thanks!

Here we go with my Learnings from the last month…

  • What are the teams talking about as being “In Development?” Of course, the broad Cloud Platform roadmap usually has interesting things on it on the Recently Available and Public Preview tabs as well.
  • You know that I always like to include a fun story or something interesting about the competition. In mid April, TechRepublic posted AWS and Microsoft Azure at the center of IT's most exciting change in decades. According to the article, “When asked, ‘Which IT mega-vendor will be most critical and indispensable to your organization's IT environment in the future, and why?,’ Amazon Web Services, far and away today's market share leader, doesn't sit atop the heap.” You’ll see that CIOs answered almost 47% in favor of Microsoft compared to 13% for AWS.
  • And, finally… I REALLY need to read Understanding Azure—a guide for developers. Or maybe, I’ve got the Azure part but just need the developer part. Hmmm… If you are or you know a developer who could use a free eBook about relating Azure to you / them, check it out.

Thanks for sticking with me and making it to the bottom of the May Luper’s Learnings. I’d love your input for topics for the June edition let me know what they are!

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