PowerShell – native on Ubuntu

# all the things I did when installing DotNetCore and PowerShell for Linux onto an Ubuntu server #login and install various odds-and-ends sudo apt-get install lynx sudo apt-get install emacs sudo apt-get install libunwind8 libicu55 sudo apt-get install firefox sudo apt-get update # install the hyper-v aware kernel stuff (may not need it, but what…

PowerShell – on Linux on Docker!

Trevor Sullivan gives an excellent walkthrough! https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/msftazure/Run-PowerShell-Natively-on-Linux-with-Docker      

Azure – MS loves Linux!

an awesome collection – go look! https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/microsoft-loves-linux-deep-dive-blog-series/

Azure – Puppet on-premises deploying to Azure

HowTo: Puppet on-premises to deploy resources into Azure IaaS infrastructure. Terms: Puppet – is an Open Source configuration management system that allows you to define the state of your IT infrastructure, then automatically enforces the correct state. Alternatives you may know of are Chef, or perhaps Windows PowerShell DSC. Tennant ID – the unique identity…

Azure CLI – the cross-platform way

After having a ton of fun with raw PowerShell in both ASM (‘Classic’) and the far more sensible ARM models, I then discovered the stunning simplicity of JSON templates. See the Quickstart gallery here: https://github.com/Azure/azure-quickstart-templates Combining the templates and DSC gives ‘infrastructure as code’ in a surprisingly simple/elegant way. However this week I spent time…