SharePoint – content types changes not being pushed out.


This week I encountered where your content type is being pushed from hub to Site Collections, but is not getting pushed down to various lists and libraries in the site.  After extensive testing and fiddling and renaming, we got it sorted. Some of the sleeper reasons that are completely unexpected is if the child content type is sealed or set to read only the push down fails! You can read more about push down operations at the following link:

There are some ULS log entries which relate to pushdown operation failures as shown below.   Turn up Diagnostics Logging for  unexpected and verbose entries in the SharePoint Foundation General section. 

SharePoint Foundation    General   8nca    Verbose      Application error when access /_layouts/fldpick.aspx, Error=The content type "System Page Layout"
at "/" is sealed. The content type "System Master Page" at "/" is sealed. The content type "Office Data Connection File" at "/" is read only. The content type "Universal Data Connection
File" at "/" is read only.



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    this solve my problem though
    my site collection is through now

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