Turn Big Data Into Big Insights

This is the ‘golden era’ of insight. The world holds twice as many bytes of data as there are liters in the ocean, and with the right technology tools, we are now able to replace hunches with insight and action.

Think comparing utility costs with meteorological data to spot trends and inefficiencies. Or compare ambulance GPS information with hospital records on patient outcomes to determine the correlation between response time and survival. This is all currently possible.

Big data isn’t new. But in the past, high costs and technology limitations have constrained access to data storage infrastructure and the tools needed to handle a large amount of data. This is finally starting to change, and with sensors, GPS devices, mobile phones, and social media data, we have a steady stream of data just waiting to be examined and used to help improve our lives.

The availability of tools to help organizations use information in new ways is expanding, and Microsoft is helping people harvest the enormous benefits of big data. This is where the potential for true innovation lies.

Learn more about the big data explosion and how it’s changing the world around us here

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