Top 2012 Bing Searches: Gangnam Style, Kim Kardashian and babies galore!

In only a few days, the clock will strike midnight and we’ll welcome a new year. As we embark on 2013, let’s look back at the hottest trends of 2012.  From PSY’s viral hit “Gangnam Style” to the summer Olympics, Bing offers a glimpse of the most popular people, places and moments of the past year.

Baby fever spread like wildfire over the internet with celebrities like Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson, Snookie and Kourtney Kardashian welcoming bundles of joy. In fact, their babies actually hold four of the top five “Celebrity Events” in 2012. How’s that for instant clout? The Kardashians continued to rule the web with Kim once again reigning as the “Most-Searched Person” and the Beibs (Justin Bieber) not far behind.


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