Take the Challenge and Bing it On!

Bing is challenging the nation to “Bing it On” by selecting which web search results they prefer. After conducting an independent study, revealing that users preferred Bing search over Google, Microsoft wants to give you the chance to go five rounds to see if you, too are a fan of Bing.

Come and see for yourself by taking the online web search test and declare victory over the best results. We found that nearly 2-to-1 challenge takers prefer Bing results over Google. 

Here’s how it works – go to Bingiton.com to participate in the challenge by comparing five side-by-side blind search results from Bing and Google.  At the end of the challenge you’ll discover the winner.

Web search results relevancy is no longer a reason for people to choose Google over Bing. Bing’s search results are as good, if not better, than Google’s. Learn more about the quality of Bing web search results by taking the fun, non-scientific online test.

*Based on a comparison of web search results pane only; excludes ads, Bing’s Snapshot and Social Search panes, and Google’s Knowledge Graph.

What are you waiting for? Bing it On!

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