Microsoft BizSpark and Brandify: Helping Businesses Help Each Other

At Microsoft, we are proud to partner with business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world who create technology solutions that make a difference in our lives and in the workplace.  That’s why we’re involved in initiatives that support the development and growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs that are at the forefront of innovation.  Through programs like BizSpark One, Microsoft provides software startups access to technical support, business training, marketing visibility tools, and software development technology that help entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses.

Earlier this year, Microsoft supported BizSpark member Brandify launched a free tool designed to help business owners track, monitor and improve their online brand reputation.  Brandify’s creators saw a need for solutions that provide businesses with simple, straightforward guidance on how to effectively leverage digital and social media.  Therefore, Brandify was created specifically with small-to-mid-sized business owners in mind, who often can’t dedicate the necessary time and energy to create and maintain an optimal online presence.  What distinguishes Brandify from the many ‘watch dog’ services available to businesses is its ability to go beyond basic reports of online reputation and to make recommendations on actions businesses can take to improve their online engagement.  In addition to reporting on strengths and weaknesses and monitoring the number of likes, stars, and followers a business earns, Brandify suggests ways business owners can capitalize on Internet search, business listings and social media to reach more customers and engage with them through positive, proactive outreach.

We’re thrilled to work with companies like Brandify, who help businesses implement technology solutions that increase their presence in the marketplace and fuel their growth.  Since the BizSpark program was established in 2008, more than 45,000 companies in 100+ countries have joined the program to take advantage of a network of more than 2,000 Microsoft partners that connect members with incubators, investors, advisors, government agencies and hosters. 

Know of local startups in your area that are innovating software solutions that can help the broader business community?  Encourage them to visit the BizSpark website for more information on how to get involved.

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