Back-to-School is a Breeze with Office 2010

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The annual back-to-school routine is right around the corner and this year a projected 55.5 million K-12 students and 19.7 million college students will head for the classroom (according to the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics). More than 7 million children in grades K-12 and nearly 2.5 million college students are heading to school in California alone - that’s a lot of book bags, computers and jeans!

Whether you’re a parent preparing your child for high school, or a college student suiting up for that first day on campus, technology can help plan for a successful school year. So whether you want your kid to have right tools to do their best in school, Office 2010 and Office for Mac 2011 have all the essential features to help people create standout work.

10 things you can do with Office 2010

1. Download the free OneNote 2010 student planner for capturing and organizing class research, notes, and ideas! Come study time, it’ll be easy to search your notes for a word, tag, or date.

2. Collaborate simultaneously with classmates, or review your term paper with mom while she’s on a business trip, using co-authoring in the Word Web App.

3. Show off your work! Embed your presentation (PowerPoint 2010) or science experiment data (Excel 2010) into a blog post with just a few easy steps.

4. Quickly crop photos in Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010. You can also edit audio and format videos within PowerPoint 2010 — no special media editing software needed.

5. Use Word 2010 for more than just your standard paper. New charting and graphing tools make it easy to add graphics that illustrate your point, or search thousands of free templates at to create dazzling posters and flyers.

6. Include people outside of the classroom by delivering your next group presentation via the Broadcast Slide Show feature in PowerPoint 2010.

7. Use OneNote 2010 for your next 30-page biology paper, and experience first-hand the benefits of having your research, notes, bibliographical information and ideas in one easy-to-view location

8. On a tight budget? Let Excel 2010 help you manage your expenses. You can even deter impulse shopping by checking your budget on-the-go with Excel Mobile 2010.

9. Last minute changes to a Word or PowerPoint document are easier than ever with Reorder Objects in Office for Mac 2011.

10. Can’t focus with emails and IMs popping up? Maximize your on-screen space in Word 2011 for Mac with Full Screen View, letting you focus on your reading and writing.

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For more insight and tips for back to school, check out Microsoft’s Office blogs.

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