WPC Special Guest Keynote Sir Richard Branson – LIVE FEED

**** This concludes our live blogging for the day.  Thanks for following!

UPDATED: 11:14 am:

- Key takeaway from Sir Richard Branson is the future is full of limitless possibilities - don't stop innovating.

UPDATED 11:05 am:

- If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?  One of Branson's choices would be Cleopatra. 

UPDATED 11:00 am:

- Main stage is broadcasting a Virgin Galactic video - the journey has already started!

UPDATED 10:56 am:

- Branson states a partnership is both people bringing something to the party, and a high level of trust between both companies.

UPDATED 10:50 am:

- Branson recommends befriending your "enemies" in business - its good for both parties involved.

UPDATED 10:44 am:

- "If you spend 90% of your time at work, it should be fun... go out of your way to make sure your staff genuinely enjoys what they do.  We need to be more flexible in how we treat our staffs... If people want to work from home on Monday, let them.  If people want to job share, don't think of them as lazy."  - Richard Branson

UPDATED 10:38 am:

- Jon Roskill just introduced Richard Branson - having an on-stage sit down to discuss business and the future. 

UPDATED 10:36 am:

- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner just finished his keynote - crowd getting ready for Sir Richard Branson!

Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference continues with a guest keynote this morning from Sir Richard Branson.  Check back in as we live blog during his address to the crowd!

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