WPC Day 1 Keynote – LIVE FEED

**** This concludes our live blogging for today's keynote - thanks for following!  Check back in throughout the week for more WPC news!

UPDATED 11:06 am

-2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award winners being brought on stage with Steve Ballmer and Jon Roskill - Congratulations to all the winners!

UPDATED 11:02 am

- Steve hopes attendees leave WPC with the following thoughts - we had a great year last year; Growth will be fantastic this year: and we're all in together for success - we have to do what we do together. 

UPDATED 11:00 am

- Steve takes the stage again - Windows is the backbone product of Microsoft, that's where we're grounded.  We're moving in a great direction across all devices. 

UPDATED 10:45 am

- Announcing the beta for the next release of Windows InTune - available today on TechNet. http://blogs.technet.com/b/windowsintune/archive/2011/07/11/windows-intune-beta-now-available.aspx

UPDATED 10:42 am

- The ROI Windows 7 brings is proven - driving down costs and providing a secure work experience.

UPDATED 10:33 am

- Tami Reller is invited on the stage to talk about where we're going with Windows.

UPDATED 10:30 am

- Our vision for the future of television: you say it, Bing finds it. 

UPDATED 10:26 am

- What's next for Xbox - our goal for this year is to increase the content in the entertainment catalogue from hundreds to millions.  With so much content, search needs to be improved.  The solution?  Bing on Xbox!  With Bing on Xbox, you can use your voice to find what you want instantly.   

UPDATED 10:22 am

- Steve Ballmer quotes Kevin Turner "Lync is the Kinect for the enterprise!"  The power of Lync and Skype, we can do even more fantastic things together, says Steve.

UPDATED 10:20 am

- More than 50,000 organizations are trialing the new Office 365 service, less than two weeks after the official launch. American Red Cross will have more than 66,000 seats on Office 365 by the end of the year.

UPDATED 10:17 am

- Steve announces Los Angeles Unified School District's move for it 70,000 employees to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Starting with Dynamics NAV next year, Microsoft ERP solutions will be in the cloud.  We're all in!

UPDATED 10:13 am

- Boeing built an application, on Windows Azure, to market the 737.  Boeing states its the best thing for customers next to walking through the actual aircraft. Microsoft partner Wire Stone LLChelped  developed the application for Boeing.

UPDATED 10:04 am

- Stefan searches "Dodgers tickets" on Bing, and with one click, he can see the tickets available, decide on a price within his range, and see the view he will get from the seat he selects.  Go Dodgers!

UPDATED 10:00 am

- Bing Director Stefan Weitz takes the stage to show us what's new with the decision engine.  Highlights how Bing is bringing social into search, making results more personally relevant. 

UPDATED 9:57 am

- Bing's marketshare is up 3 points this year!  With Bing, people can decide and take action.

UPDATED 9:47 am

- Steve explains his meeting last week with college students from Microsoft's Imagine Cup competition, with students in more than 180 countries that participate. Good news for us that need to employ talented people. With technology, these students are working to solve some of the world's toughest issues.  Video begins highlighting Microsoft's Imagine Cup.  Check out the competition website: http://www.imaginecup.com/

UPDATED 9:41 am

- Steve thanks Microsoft partners for their phenomenal work.

UPDATED 9:40 am

- Steve exclaims he is "beyond excited to be at WPC! The most exciting thing I get to do all year is come to WPC!"

UPDATED 9:38 am

-  Steve Ballmer takes the stage!

UPDATED 9:32 am

- First mobile Microsoft Store is at WPC! 

UPDATED 9:30 am

- Students to Business program participants are in the crowd, wearing shirts that say "Hire me!" Check them out here: http://www.microsoft.com/studentstobusiness/home/default.aspx

UPDATED 9:24 am

 - Winning Together is the theme for WPC 2011 - Together there is growth - for every dollar Microsoft makes, partners make $8.77. 

UPDATED 9:20 am

- Video highligting yesterday's Day of Giving - Thank you, Los Angeles, for inviting us into your community and thank you, Microsoft partners, for giving back!

UPDATED 9:17 am

- Jon Roskill is invited on the stage, welcoming attendees to WPC 2011 and recognizing partners from Japan.

UPDATED 9:12 am 

-  Keynote is about to start - Touching video is playing in Staples Center of Japan's tsunami  - there is power in working together.


Live from LA!  We're live blogging from today's Worldwide Partner Conference keynote, starting at 9 am PT.  Check back in shortly for Steve Ballmer to take the stage!

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