Microsoft Unveils What’s New for Xbox at E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is now underway in Los Angeles! Microsoft kicked things off on Monday by demonstrating continued leadership in online entertainment. Throughout the last 12 months, Xbox has been the top-selling console in North America, with more than 55 million Xbox consoles sold, more than 35 million Xbox LIVE members, and more than 10 million Kinects sold.  With these E3 announcements, Xbox is on track to become the number-one game console worldwide.

 At 2010’s E3, Microsoft launched Kinect, which quickly became the fastest-selling electronic device in history. This year, Microsoft announced it will be adding voice search with Bing to Xbox and Kinect, allowing people to use their voice to search their Xbox to find news, movies, sports and all their favorite channels, giving them fast and easy access to the world of entertainment. Also, as part of the Xbox LIVE update, Microsoft also announced that Netflix, Hulu+, YouTube and ESPN would be joined by UFC on Xbox LIVE.

 Microsoft also announced several new Xbox 360 features and games, including new installments of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare;” “Gears of War;” “Forza Motorsport;” and “Fable: The Journey,” a new addition of the Fable franchise that will take advantage of Kinect’s hands-free technology. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history, Microsoft will release a re-mastered version of “Halo Combat Evolved,” as well as Halo 4, which fans can expect to be available in 2012. Kinect fans also can expect sequels to their favorite games, including “Dance Central” and “Kinect Sports.”

 Microsoft plans to bring more than 100 new partners on board to provide content and build on Xbox’s ever-growing platform.  Last year, Kinect pioneered how people experience games and entertainment by bringing life to the console; this year, Microsoft brought voice abilities with “You Say It- Xbox Finds It.” There is plenty in store for the Xbox community, with new games and partners that will be announced throughout the year. For more information of E3 and what’s coming up for Xbox, visit the Microsoft News Center.

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