Document sur la consommation d’energie dans Windows Server 2008

Un document sur la consommation énergétique des centres de données et les moyens d’optimiser celle-ci (avec les environnements Windows Server 2008) est disponible depuis hier.

Server Power Considerations for IT Administrators

This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the server power landscape for information technology (IT) administrators. It explains how power affects the IT budget, shows power and performance tradeoffs, and describes in detail how hardware and software can affect overall power efficiency in the data center. Administrators can use this information to make power-aware deployment and purchasing decisions, identify issues and inefficiencies on deployed systems, and maximize their organization's power efficiency.

This information applies for the Windows Server 2008 operating system.

In this white paper:

• Background
• Simple Power-Saving Concepts
• Power Costs, Tradeoffs, and Analysis
• ACPI Overview
• System-Level Power
• Operating System Effects on Server Power
• Configuring P-State Parameters for Increased Power Efficiency
• Driver and Application Effects on Power Efficiency
• Increasing Data Center Utilization
• Hardware Component Effects on Power
• Platform Power Management and Budgeting
• Data Center Infrastructure
• Power Policy Options in Windows Server 2008
• Changing P-State Parameters by Using Powercfg.exe
• Viewing PPM Counters with Perfmon.exe

Le document est à l’adresse suivante : 

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    Comme vu ici : Document sur la consommation d’energie dans Windows Server 2008 , un nouveau livre blanc

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