Nouveau client Terminal Server (RDP 6.0) pour Mac disponible en beta

Un nouveau client Remote Desktop est disponible pour Mac en version beta (le client RDP, pas le Mac ;-)).

Les nouveautés sont les suivantes :

  • Universal Binary : Runs natively on both Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macs.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol 6.0 : Provides better compatibility with Windows Vista & Windows Server 2008, improved security features, and many other improvements.
  • Multiple Sessions : Lets you connect to multiple Windows-based computers at the same time.
  • Improved User Experience : Provides a true Mac experience and improved usability.
  • Improved Customization Options :Lets you change application preferences, including keyboard shortcuts, while you are running a session. Changes take effect the next time that you connect.
  • Dynamic Screen Resizing : Lets you resize your session window or switch to full-screen mode during a session.
  • Improved Printing Support : Supports all configured printers on your Mac. No longer limited to PostScript printers.

Téléchargement (la beta fonctionnera jusqu'au 31 mars 2008) :

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