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Windows Server Virtualization Scenarios and Features -- Jeff Woolsey, Chris Corio


Scenarios and features used to define Windows virtualization. An in depth look at the server consolidation, business continuity, development and test, and dynamic datacenter scenarios.

·            Core Windows Server virtualization scenarios

·            Production Server Consolidation

·            Business Continuity Management. Dynamic Datacenter

·            Test and Development

·            Server Consolidation Features

·            Business Continuity Features

·            Dynamic Data center / Test and Development


Kernel Enhancements For Windows Server Longhorn -- Mike Tricker

Modern server architectures scale between a large array of form factors. These include high-end scale-up partitionable designs and scale-out aggregatable designs. Windows Server Longhorn is at home on each of these, allowing the hardware to be fully used for a wide range of workloads. This session highlights key kernel and other operating systems features that are planned for Windows Server Longhorn to achieve new levels of server scalability and reliability.


·          Moving To 64-bit Only 

·          Kernel Driver Signing. PatchGuard and The Hal.

·          The New Boot Environment. Native PCI Express Support

·          Dynamic Partitioning and the Memory Manager

·          Transactional Registry: Virtualization and Filtering

·          Windows Service Hardening. Hardware Watchdog and Other Technologies.

·          ISR And DPC Redirection. 64 Logical Threads.


Enterprise and Server Use of Microsoft BitLockerTM Drive Encryption -- Stephen Heil, Xian Ke

Build branch office servers that can support BitLocker. This session focuses on enterprise usage of BitLocker and includes a discussion of server-specific scenarios and enhancements like support for multiple data volumes. It also discusses key management and recovery issues and includes a detailed look at the remote install, setup and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) interfaces that facilitate BitLocker deployment and support in managed information technology (IT) environments.


·          Information Loss is Costly. Branch Office Challenges

·          BitLockerTM And TPM Features. Protection Scenarios

·          Protection For Data Volumes. BitLockerTM Management Scenarios

·          BitLockerTM Status Indicators. Key Protectors and Management Features. TPM Group Policy

·          Enterprise Backup and Recovery


Hybrid Hard Disk and ReadyDriveTM Technology -- Ruston Panabaker

This session demonstrates hybrid hard disk drives (H-HDD) power savings, boot, resume, and application acceleration in mobile PC solutions that use Windows Vista. It covers policy setting and configuration in Windows Vista and provides an in-depth analysis of the H-HDD performance gains when using Superfetch policies to define contents of the NV Cache.

·          Mobile HDD, Windows PC Accelerators and H-HDDTechnology.

·          Windows ReadyDriveTM. Hybrid Hard Disk Boot And Resume. 

·          Hybrid vs Standard Hard Disk Performance Comparisions. 

·          What Is A Hybrid Hard Disk (H-HDD)?

·          Power Saving and Power Policies.

·          Increased Ruggedness And Reliability. OEM Pinning For Faster Application Launch

·          System Design for ReadyDriveTM. H-HDD Considerations, NV Cache Size and Performance.


Audio and Video Device Guidelines for the Microsoft Real-Time Communication Platforms -- Regis Crinon

Recommendations to device and systems manufacturers and includes a demonstration of the new Real Time Media Communication platform and the new real time Audio/Video experiences it enables.

·          The Real Time Media Communication Revolution.

·          The Road to Higher Quality: Codecs and the Capture Pipeline

·           he Emergence of an RTC Audio/ Video Device Market

·          Initial Set of Guidelines: Audio. Refernec Dummy. Video

·          Towards Greater Integration. Headset systems, Bluetooth 

·          Demo: Headset System used with Windows Live Messenger.

·          Demo VGA Camera with Office Communicator 2007


Windows Server Platform Directions -- Sean McGrane

A discussion of the key aspects that are planned for Windows Server Longhorn and beyond, including scalability through multiple-core processor technology, improved reliability by using improved hardware error handling, and server consolidation to improve server usage by using technologies like virtualization. Microsoft's key hardware-related directions and view on server platform design trends.


·          Longhorn Server Core Architecture

·          Processor Trends. Windows 64 Processor Limit

·          Today’s Scale-Up Server and Multi-Core Effect On Form Factor

·          Performance Utilization With Multi-Core.

·          Server Consolidation and Windows Server Virtualization

·          Reliability/Availability Roadmap.

·          Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA)

·          Dynamic Hardware Partitioning. Future Hot Replace Scenario

·          Branch Office Security. Boot Path Protection. BitLocker Overview




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