IT Forum 2005 – Une session sur Windows Vista et les privileges reduits

Pour les chanceux qui vont à l’IT Forum 2005, une session sur Windows Vista à ne pas louper 🙂

Running with Least Privilege in Windows Vista 
This session will educate IT Professionals on the new desktop lockdown technology in Windows Vista, User Account Protection.  User Account Protection helps prevent attacks by malware, root kits, spyware, and viruses by requiring that users run in protected user mode and by limiting administrator-level access to authorized processes. This new Windows technology also allows desktops to be locked down to stop installation of unauthorized applications by end users or inadvertent changes to system settings.  Attendees will receive an introduction to User Account Protection in Windows Vista and will be led through deployment methodology and best practices.  The deployment discussion will include content targeted at the developer or IT implementer working to ensure that line of business (LOB) applications can be updated so that they operate correctly in an infrastructure with User Account Protection deployed.

This session will include demos highlighting the new functionality in Windows Vista vs. Windows XP for both typical end-users as well as for desktop administrators. Attendees will leave with a working knowledge of User Account Protection and an understanding of basic deployment considerations.  This session will benefit both IT managers and implementers alike as well as provide value to IT developers focused on line-of-business application development.

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