Istio CI/CD pipeline for VSTS

I wrote sample code for Istio. Also, I configure CI / CD pipeline for VSTS enabling Blue Green Deployment and Canary for Kuberenetes. For the installation of the Istio on Azure, you can refer this post. It works fine for me. Then you can set up the istio on the top of your kubernetes cluster….


Path setting for the istio ingress controller

How can I configure the istio ingress controller? The answer is Regular expression.  Not mentioned on the document. However, it is. If you have a nginx container with these files with directories. /index.html /login.html /logout.html /auth/login.html /auth/logout.html /web/index.html If you have a nginx container with these files with directories. apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1 kind: Ingress metadata: name:…


Azure Disk tips for Kubernetes

When I need a Persistent Volume Claim, I always use AzureDisk. However, it was complicated. Before creating a persistent volume claim, I needed to create Storage Account and upload VHD on it. But there is a good way to create a persistent volume using AzureDisk without creating Storage Account in Advance. Until Now, there is…


JWT authentication using Kong with Kubernetes on Azure

When we try Microservices architecture, you need to handle authentication among the services.  JWT is one of the solutions for this. Kong can handle this problem very well. It works on a lot of environment. It works on Kubernetes as well.  I’ll share with you step by step. I tried to configure JWT authentication using…


Automated VR (Virtual Reality) application build pipeline using Azure

VRize is a startup which provides end-to-end virtual reality enterprise solutions.They are launching VRize Video which is a CMS (Contents Management Service) for help a customer to provide multi-device VR video application. On this service, once a customer submits their application on the VRize video, then the VRize video automatically kicks Jenkins and build the application for…


Performance tuning for ACR (Azure Container Registry)

My customer wants to optimize the ACR (Azure Container Registry) docker pull performance. I’ve done some performance experiment for ACR. Experiment I upload a big docker image(1.98G) then pull it and track the time. I live in Japan. I used to use West US region for ACR. However, now we can use Japan East region….


Enabling "Update only if changed" flag for the Update Service Fabric App Version on VSTS

When I deploy my apps into a Service Fabric cluster using VSTS, I don’t want to update App version every time. I found “Update only if changed” flag on “Update Service Fabric App Versions” task. However, it doesn’t work when I follow the instruction. You can see the document it says Note: By default, the…


Configure Nginx Ingress Controller for TLS termination on Kubernetes on Azure

If we need TLS termination on Kubernetes, you can use ingress controller. On Azure, you can use Nginx Ingress controller. (Now, Microsoft working with Azrue ingress controller which uses Application gateway) see Status of Kubernetes on Azure I’d like to share how to configure Nginx Ingress Controller on Kubernetes on Azure. Clone Nginx Ingress repository You…


Building your Service Fabric Environment on your Mac with Eclipse

I create a development environment for Service Fabric (Java) with my Mac and Eclipse. However, I notice a lot of pit holes on the get started page. I’ll send pull request for this. Before it is accepted, I’d like to share how to create your development environment on your Mac. Create a Service Fabric Local…


Journey to the Kubernetes from Legacy docker environment on Azure with VSTS

  Personally, I’d like to see what happens if I migrate from a docker based legacy system into Kubernetes. For this purpose, I migrate a small legacy system to a Kubernetes cluster with VSTS. Since this is on the public repo, your can reproduce this step by yourself. I’d like to share the obstacles and…