How to License Office Web Apps Server

  Office Web Apps Server provides updated versions of Word Web App, Excel Web App, PowerPoint Web App, and OneNote Web App. Users can view and, if they are licensed appropriately, edit Office documents by using a supported web browser on both computers and various mobile devices. In addition to new features in Office Web…


Switching between Device and User CALs

By: Lacey Hartje Summary: With the consumerization of IT, and the proliferation of devices in the workplace, it is now as important as ever that the licensing model you use is delivering the most value to your business.  Our volume licensing programs can offer the flexibility and improved manageability to ensure your CAL licensing model…


New Version Rights with SA

By Mark Mauermann Summary: A common question that comes across our desk, especially around new Product launches is:  “I have active Software Assurance (SA) coverage on my licenses and a new version has just been released.  My SA is about to expire, do I have rights to this new version?” Blog: Among other things, “New…


Downgrade Rights Explained

By: Lacey Hartje Summary: What can I do when I am not ready to move to the latest product or I have a legacy application and need to run a prior version of Microsoft Software? I see only the latest products for sale. Let me explain your Downgrade Rights!   Determining which version of Microsoft…


How do I know which Product Use Rights to use?

By Mark Mauermann Summary: Microsoft publishes the Product Use Rights, commonly known as the PUR, on a quarterly basis. Because the use rights and license terms change, knowing which PUR you should be using when evaluating a licensing model, contemplating a purchase or downgrade, and evaluating compliance is important.  Here is a basic explanation. Blog:…


The Licensing Stack

By: Lacey Hartje Summary: Understanding how your software is licensed and knowing what your rights are includes having an understanding of the licensing stack, knowing the licensing terms in various documents that apply to your use of the software, and how licensing documents affect one another.  If you are a Volume Licensing customer, this is…


SQL Server: Fail-Over Rights versus “Cold” Disaster Recovery Rights.

By: Lacey Hartje Summary: What’s the difference, aren’t they both for disaster recovery? Aren’t they the same thing? Fail-over Rights and “Cold” Disaster Recovery Rights serve two different, but similar purposes. For SQL Server, “Cold” Disaster Recovery (DR) Rights are a Software Assurance (SA) Benefit while Fail-over Rights do not require SA coverage, but to…


Introducing The Art of Licensing Blog Team

Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Reading Microsoft License Terms or any of the other important licensing documents associated with your software or agreements, may be challenging and this is where our team comes into the picture. Our mission is to make licensing easier to understand….