Microsoft Store for Business now available to all Government tenants!

All government tenants are now able to sign-up into the Worldwide Microsoft Store for Business and are no longer blocked.  At signup, you will be required to accept a Terms of Usage [TOU] like all other tenants joining the store before you can proceed.   For Government customers: The Store’s Shop setting is turned off…


Windows 10 Training Resources

I’m often asked by customers for training resources on Windows 10. There are a ton of resources out there and it’s a bit cumbersome to stay on top of. So, I thought I’d compile and share a list of the items I typically provide to my customers. Happy learning!   CORE EXPERIENCE Windows 10 IT…


Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10 [Updated]

I’m providing a revision to Jeff Stokes’ original post for disabling Bluetooth in Windows 10.  I found that the removal portion of the original script no longer works on the Creators Update (1703).  The script should work on domain joined, AAD joined, ConfigMgr or Intune managed systems. # Must be ran as the System account…


Email Notifications for ConfigMgr Application Requests via PowerShell

A common conversation I have with customers is around the lack of a notification channel for application requests in ConfigMgr. I realize there are already a handful of solutions on the web that provide various ways of doing this. So, I figured why not share mine. It’s rather basic, just a PowerShell script that queries…


Windows 10: HIPAA Compliance [Updated]

Hello Community, Earlier this year (Feb 2017), we released guidance for configuring Windows 10 systems to comply with HIPAA requirements. After further review both internally at Microsoft and via customer feedback, we determined that additional clarification was needed. It was quickly determined that if we configured all of the settings in the original documentation, the…


Windows 10 Pro to Enterprise Upgrades Simplified!

We have made it easy for Windows 10 Enterprise entitled customers to convert their Windows 10 Pro, [OEM, Retail, or VL] devices to Windows 10 Enterprise simply by changing the product key. You don’t need to go through an upgrade in place or wipe and load like you had to in the past. The upgrade…


Prevent a Task Sequence from running over a remote connection

During a recent Windows 10 deployment, my colleague (@NathanOlmstead) and I needed a way to prevent the task sequence from running if a user kicks it off via Software Center from a remote connection. We did not have the deployment set to download all content before running simply because it’s a large amount of data (20+ GB…


Group Policy Search

The GPS is a fantastic group policy search tool for Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy settings. Use this when you’re looking for various Group Policy settings and respective registry data. Data is available for Windows Client, Server, Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, User & Machines polices. Source: Group Policy Search


Interactive Azure Platform & Sizing Overview

An interactive Azure Platform Big Picture with direct links to Documentation, Prices, Limits, SLAs and much more. Source: Interactive Azure Platform Overview