Introducing Windows 8: An Overview for IT Professionals (Free Ebook)

Saw this on the MS Press Blog and wanted to share for more exposure:

This is not the full ebook...only the first 11 chapters...

Windows 8 offers a lot of great new features for businesses and IT pros, as explained in this free ebook. Designed to help you prepare to deploy Windows 8, deliver apps, manage recovery, security and virtualization, the first release of this ebook is a preview release. We will be releasing the entire ebook in early November.

Download Link:


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  1. horsefeathers says:

    Windows 8 has a playground desktop with links to the internet for those addicted to other devices – to say this new Windows desktop is great for business is nuts – management will have a near impossible time getting employees off certain none work related sites unless you start blocking sites with your firewall – I have no plans of purchasing Windows 8 until Microsoft restores the registry key that allows the IT admin to revert back to the much more business friendly Windows 7 desktop !!!

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