PS without BS: Showing a popup box and killing it

This is a simple solution for those wanting to show a popup box, but not leave it up indefinitely. This may be useful if you are in a process and want to show an error, but don’t actually leave it up overnight, maybe kill it at some point so processing can continue. Here is the…


PS without BS: Replacing Select Case True

This is a short blog to describe how to replace VBScript’s brilliant “Select Case True” with PowerShell. Instead of evaluating one variable, what happens when you need to evaluate multiple variables and make sure that one of them returns true? Instead of multiple “if” statements, VBScript used Select Case True. PowerShell can do the same….


Server Core: Navigating an old but new world

Lately, I’ve done a lot of posting on Server Core and one thing I’ve neglected to write on is how you actually navigate in this new world. Starting with Windows Server 1709 (and at the time of this writing), the “current branch” models of Windows Server will not have a GUI and your one and…


PS without BS: Building MDT and WSUS on Server Core

Update: If you are looking also how to add the UDI Wizard standalone with MDT (without SCCM), check out my blog: MDT: Using the UDI Wizard without SCCM. I have to say that I love challenges, especially ones that hold a large benefit at the end. For those who have been following or just outright…


PS without BS: Fixing the user primary group

This is a Part 2 from my blog Group membership isn’t consistent in AD Users and Computers. In this blog, I will go though a remediation script on how to set all user accounts to the primary group of “Domain Users”. For more information on the backstory, see the link. Now, to the script. There…


Group membership isn’t consistent in AD Users and Computers

This was the case of another interesting troubleshoot I ran across where users weren’t enumerating properly in a PowerShell script. Problem statement: An admin was working on a project known as the “Active Directory Group Cleanup”, in which they needed to find and remove members from groups. So, he created a PowerShell script using Get-ADGroupMember….


PS without BS: Creating Random Test Users in Active Directory

This was an interesting ask, and kind of showcases a couple of different techniques. The ask was to create 20 random users in Active Directory for test purposes. So, I grabbed a list of (debateably) a list of the most common male and female first names and the most common surnames. I then randomize these…


PS without BS: Let’s play “Where’s that MSI?”

That infamous folder c:\windows\installer can take up a lot of space and resources, more importantly, it’s cryptic when you see a bunch of numbered MSI and MSP files. What is this good for? Well, my favorite reason is that on occasion you can find the MSI of a software package that may require a manual…


PS without BS: Managing WSUS

In this blog, I will leave you with some scripting snippets on how to manage WSUS: Block 1: Connect to the WSUS server and set the configuration. We are first going to set the property “Download update files to this server only when updates are appoved”, turn off all update languages, and then set the…


Removing a RemoteApp Session Host

Sometimes Windows Server features are not so straightforward, so here’s one for those who have had/are having this issue and are yet to figure it out. When removing a RemoteApp server from a server pool, I came back to Server with the following message: The following servers in this deployment are not part of the…