Excel: Subtract Minutes from Time

So, you have a spreadsheet and you’re trying to log time entries, say for work. You work 8:00 to 4:30 and get a half hour for lunch. How do you calculate this in Excel? 1. Create a spreadsheet, and put this in column A: 8:00:00 AM 2. Put this in Column B: 4:30:00 PM 3….


Excel VBA: Deleting a worksheet in code

I wanted to take a moment and share a little VBA in Excel that would delete a worksheet from code. Usually, you would want to use this as a part of a larger routine. To call the Sub, use this syntax: DeleteWorksheet “xxx”, False Where xxx represents the name of the worksheet, and False (or…


Excel VBA: Replacing text in a specific column with code

Another really quick code snippet to replace text in a specific column through code. Usage is simple: ReplaceTextInColumn “A”, “Hello”, “Aloha” Where “A” is the column to replace text in. Hello is the text to find, and Aloha is the text to replace Hello with (thinking warm this winter). You can extend this to add…


SCCM 1710 and PeerCaching: Technical Notes

Executive Overview SCCM peer cache was first introduced in SCCM 1610 as a pre-release feature and fully released in 1710. One thing to stop and mention is what a pre-release feature really is. Pre-release features are supported working versions that can be installed in production, however, they are still being developed and more functionality is…