Install and configure additional SPMAs

Install and configure additional SPMAs Recently I was asked to connect multiple SharePoint farms to a single MIM 2016 instance. I had already followed the articles for  downloading and installing MIM and configuring the SPMA and ADMA.  I am making the assumption that you have already done this step and have a working MIM setup….


Configuring MIM 2016 Full and Incremental Imports for SharePoint

Recently I was assigned to help get MIM 2016 working with SharePoint 2016. The initial MIM Install was pretty straightforward. I am going to assume you have installed MIM and have run the PowerShell for Full and Delta imports using SharePointSync.psm1 and that they are working correctly. I am also going to assume you have…


PowerPivot Refresh and Timer job failures

Recently I was working with a customer in a hardened environment to get PowerPivot working in a test environment and having a few issues.   Background: This is a lab and does not have office web apps. We started with multiple accounts for everything but have reverted to basically the farm account until we get this…


How to be Social in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 introduced several new features around Social. We started with social feature “following ” and due to the highly least privileged design ran into several permission issues. The resolution to this was found in several different blogs. In an effort to help somebody from running through all these issues, I have linked all the…


How to determine what "User Rights Assignments" are required by SharePoint 2010

A while ago I worked with a customer that kept having issues with SharePoint “not working”.   This could be anything from Search not returning results to office Web applications not opening items. What we eventually found was that the network team was creating GPOs that were removing User Rights that SharePoint service accounts needed. As…


SharePoint 2010 ULS (Diagnostic ) logs not working, 0KB is size.

Recently I was working on a test farm and ran across an issue where the ULS log where not being written to. There are several blogs out there on this issue, however I did not see any that mentioned checking the WSSTRACESESSION14 trace session.    First open up SharePoint PowerShell (as administrator) and run the following command: Get-SPLogLevel…


Delegating IIS administration to Domain Users (non-administrators)

One of the new features with IIS 7 is Feature Delegation.  This allows you to delegate management of IIS to domain users (non-administrators).  This document has very detailed information on Feature Delegation and should be reviewed first.  I was asked how to do this for a domain group, so this article has a few differences…