[Azure AD] – July 2017 webinars

Hi AAD users –

I wanted to inform you on this month's webinars!


  • These webinars are FREE of cost.
  • These webinars are currently held monthly with new sessions being added.
  • These session is1 hour, it includes an anonymous Q&A session with Microsoft AAD Engineering Team.

July webinar schedule:

Great information I wanted to point out:
Understand Azure identity solutions: this is a unique guide to determine the best identity solution to fit your environment, basic concepts, and an overall understanding of Microsoft Identity solutions.

ASK: is there anything in specific you would like the AAD team to blog or have a webinar about? If so, please comment below.

Azure Active Directory


Comments (2)

  1. Vinny says:


    can we get recordings in case we couldn’t make it to these webinars?

    1. Yes, it will be posted here: http://aka.ms/aadwebinars. For every webinar there is a ‘View the On-Demand Recording for this session’ link. If there’s isn’t then check back as it could be that it hasn’t been delivered before.

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