[Adoption] – Bring Your Team Together with Yammer

IT pros -

If you are looking into Yammer Enterprise for your company, I highly recommend you attend the below FREE Microsoft Office 365 webinar (multiple dates available). The webinar will help you to discover how to bring your team together through launching a successful Yammer network within your organization.  A live presenter will encourage questions and discussion of scenarios specific to you.

Registration landing page: https://aka.ms/O365worknetwork!  

Available dates:


Find other webinars like this one here: http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/office/webinar/live


Comments (2)

  1. Pramiti Bhatnagar says:

    Hello, can any of these sessions be done at a time that will suit the India timezone?

  2. Pramiti – I have shared the feedback internally but I suggest you raise the question on the Yammer Network as well –

    https://www.yammer.com/itpronetwork/#/threads/inGroup?type=in_group&feedId=3903788. Hope that helps!

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