New Manufacturing Business Technology article on lean replenishment

…shows that the application of lean thinking and tools to the supply chain is a hot area in the industry.  Ultriva, quoted in the article, is a provider of electronic kanban and other solutions built on the Microsoft platform using tools such as SharePoint and SQL Server. Check out the article at   -…


5s for the Information Worker

Over the recent holidays, I embarked on a backup, cleanup, and Office 2007 upgrade for my PC.  As part of the process, I realized that it would be a good idea to take a look at the 5s concept from an information worker perpsective, since e-mail and spreadsheets are the “tools” and “dies” used by many in…


Join me at the Lean Transformation Summit

Join me in attending this conference…several of the companies speaking are using software and tools built on the Microsoft platform to enable their lean initiatives.  As a former black belt for a service business at GE,  I am particularly interested in hearing a current perspective on the success of their blended lean and six sigma…


How Software Can Help Your Lean Program – and You, the Lean Professional

There is nothing like walking into the “war room” after a kaizen event.  I usually see the same thing – butcher paper and sticky notes lining the walls from floor to ceiling.  It is the result of people coming together to improve their value streams – the scene is impressive.  What I’m less impressed with…


Welcome to the Lean Tools Blog!

This is a new blog started by the US Lean Manufacturing team at Microsoft.  It is intended to highlight lean best practices, technology that can help you implement and manage lean projects, customer successes, and events/webcasts of interest to the lean community.  Comments are welcome!Technorati Profile  


New IndustryWeek Webcast January 18: Emerson Lean – From Strategy to Execution

Great webcast next week featuring Ray Keefe, VP-Manufacturing at Emerson Electric.  Lean deployment at Emerson Electric goes beyond traditional shop floor thinking to reduce manufacturing cycle times and remove waste. Through the years, Emerson has expanded the scope of Lean from shop floor, to total value stream focus, to enterprise-level thinking. The enterprise-level scope is…