New IndustryWeek webcast: Lean at Haldex featuring Microsoft Dynamics

New IndustryWeek webcast featuring a Lean leader and an IT leader from Haldex, discussing “The Haldex Way,” how and why the company embarked on a Lean path, and how IT and Microsoft partner Avanade has been an enabler in the process.  This story focuses not on value stream mapping but on building visibility into core…


Bill Gates on American Competitiveness

From  Microsoft Chairman and CEO Bill Gates appeared before the Senate Health Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee yesterday to testify on the topic of US competitiveness, a topic in which he is well-versed. Link to the full post at  


New case study – Gates Corporation enabling continuous improvement with Sharepoint

New case study published on Gates Corporation – details how they are using various Microsoft technologies such as Sharepoint to standardize work, improve information access, and push KPIs and transparency throughout the organization. Excerpt:  “To enforce consistent business processes, executive management and division leaders create annual objectives that correlate to pillars of the Gates Business…


5s OneNote Example

In a previous post I talked about using a shared OneNote workbook as a way of making continuously updated customer follow-up information available to field solution specialists on their desktop.     Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set this up.     Step 1: Create a new shared notebook in your local…


Interesting post about kaizen for Windows

…talking about designing the machine around the process and not vice versa, from Gemba Panta Rei at I know there are numerous improvement efforts in the product groups at Microsoft focused on the type of improvements mentioned in this post, some of which, as mentioned, have come to light in Vista and Office 2007. …


5s for the Information Worker: Example of how to use OneNote and Sharepoint to simplify and expedite team follow-up

As an industry marketing manager at Microsoft, I face a challenge that I’m sure many teams share – how do I make it easy for a solution specialist team to follow-up with customers who have registered interest?  This is important for 3 reasons: 1.       This is a common breakdown point in the value stream that…


Great read – Scoble’s book on the impact of blogging on how corporations communicate with their customers

I just started reading a great book on how blogging is changing both “the online conversation” and the way corporations relate to their customers via marketing, PR, and media channels.  There’s a lot in here on how Microsoft’s decision to allow employee blogs early has helped to improve the company’s image with key audiences, and…


Free Visio trial available from National Association of Manufacturers

As you know Microsoft Visio is one of the primary tools that can help automate value stream mapping and process analysis.  NAM is running a free trial offer for manufacturers, available at 


Lean solutions director Ingo Heel and Just Born Foods profiled on NAM America’s Business Radio show this weekend !

Tune in to the National Association of Manufacturers weekly radio show America’s Business with Mike Hambrick this weekend on Feb 10-11 for a segment on Lean Manufacturing.  Interviews include Ingo Heel, Lean Solutions Director for Microsoft, and a profile of Just Born Foods’ success story presented by USC Consulting Group. For a list of stations and…