www.kanban.com is now live

Ultriva has launched their hosted, subscription based eKanban service at www.kanban.com.  It’s a .NET enabled online service for small to medium sized manufacturers to better align inventory and production with actual customer demand. It includes a wizard-based interface making it very easy to use.  This service could democratize the transition from push-based, forecasting based business models…


Ultriva User’s Conference highlights

In Cupertino, CA today at the Ultriva User’s Conference listening to a many customer case study presentations from Emerson Electric, Rexnord, and Dover Inc.  What is most compelling in the talks is why each company is using Lean.  OK International started on their Lean journey in 2001 to improve customer responsiveness.  They’ve moved delivery times from 6…


IndustryWeek webcast on Enterprise Value Stream Mapping & Analysis

On May 31st, Lockheed Martin will be conducting a webcast hosted by IndustryWeek.  Lockheed Martin apparently has transformed their entire approach to conducting kaizen events through the use of software tools like LeanView from the Orlando Software Group.  The registration site is http://www.industryweek.com/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=342&ref=MIC2.


A refreshing outlook on ‘New Millennium’ Lean

USC Consulting Group (www.usccg.com) has written a very thorough whitepaper describing how technology  augments traditional Lean methods, but also argues that technology is a requirement to make a full Lean transformation.  The link to the document is http://www.usccg.com/Ref/USCMillenniumBroch.pdf.


Interesting post about kaizen for Windows

…talking about designing the machine around the process and not vice versa, from Gemba Panta Rei at http://www.gembapantarei.com/2007/02/standard_work_needed_for_use_o.html. I know there are numerous improvement efforts in the product groups at Microsoft focused on the type of improvements mentioned in this post, some of which, as mentioned, have come to light in Vista and Office 2007. …


Emerson is tackling inventory turns with technology

Check out the IndustryWeek webcast from January called Emerson Lean: From Strategy to Execution.  It’s presented by Ray Keefe, VP of Manufacturing at Emerson and Ashley Stirrup, CEO of Ultriva.  What is especially insightful is how Emerson has figured out how to tackle the “bullwhip” issue.  The recording is available at http://w.on24.com/r.htm?e=34065&s=1&k=6C52E41DBC0181EF537FCFE2BFD2DD78.


How Software Can Help Your Lean Program – and You, the Lean Professional

There is nothing like walking into the “war room” after a kaizen event.  I usually see the same thing – butcher paper and sticky notes lining the walls from floor to ceiling.  It is the result of people coming together to improve their value streams – the scene is impressive.  What I’m less impressed with…