How Corning used Six Sigma to improve energy efficiency – this weekend’s topic on America’s Business with Mike Hambrick

This weekend another radio segment airs on America's Business with Mike Hambrick on how Corning used Six Sigma (DMAIC), supported by Microsoft technology tools such as Visio and our partner Itron, to achieve the following objectives:

§  Assure uninterrupted supply of energy to BSD facilities.

§  Reduce the total direct cost of energy as impacted by consumption and price

§  Reduce consumption through the use of energy management tools and processes.

§  Develop a rigorous sustainable process to manage energy effectively


Here are the details:


Segment Title: Incorporating Six Sigma Methodologies to Develop and Sustain the Business Services Division Energy Management Process 

Dates:  March 10 – 11, 2007


1.     Jon Arnold – Microsoft - Global  Utilities Industry Director | Microsoft Corporation

2.     Philip Mezey ITRON - Senior Vice President of Software Solutions

3.     Scott Ryan - CorningGlobal Energy Manager


A podcast will be posted here on Monday.

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  2. Brainmeasures says:

    rightly said   founded by Motorla and followed by all thanks

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