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In a previous post I talked about using a shared OneNote workbook as a way of making continuously updated customer follow-up information available to field solution specialists on their desktop.


Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set this up.


Step 1:

Create a new shared notebook in your local copy of OneNote. I chose to use one of the included templates, the "Group Project" template.


 Step 2:

Set up the notebook to be shared, on a server.


Step 3:

Enter the URL of the Sharepoint 2007 team site that you want to post the notebook on.


Step 4:

OneNote creates an Outlook invite with the location of the shared notebook that you can send to team members.


Step 5:

Your local copy of the notebook (as well as that of all team members) is can be automatically set up for synchronization with the server-based copy.

You can click on the "sync" icon (circle with arrows and a checkmark) in the notebook navigation bar to see current sync status.

 Step 6:

Check the Sharepoint site – the shared notebook will have been created and you will see the notebook sections listed as separate files in the notebook's folder in Sharepoint.




Step 7:

Connect the shared notebook to Outlook in order to enable content to flow to team members' Outlook inboxes securely, even if they are using the web service access feature outside the firewall.

 … the notebook appears automatically as a Sharepoint List in Outlook 2007, and is automatically synced so that the content appears as messages in Outlook.


 … by clicking on one of these items (even offline), the notebook is opened on the local machine. And, when you make a change, OneNote automatically syncs back up to the server the next time you are connected.

Very useful for writing up meeting notes on the plane on your way home.

That's it – if anyone has questions please post a comment and I'll be happy to walk you through it.

-Marc from the Lean Team

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