Great read – Scoble’s book on the impact of blogging on how corporations communicate with their customers

I just started reading a great book on how blogging is changing both “the online conversation” and the way corporations relate to their customers via marketing, PR, and media channels.  There's a lot in here on how Microsoft's decision to allow employee blogs early has helped to improve the company's image with key audiences, and to establish a 2-way conversation directly with key customer bases to solicit feedback on new product development.


Interesting in that one of the hardest things in applying lean and six sigma principles to deliver "the perfect product launch" is in making sure you have clearly identified the value axes that influence customer buying decisions.


Also has insightful commentary on what I might call "lean thinking" by some marketing and PR luminaries about how word-of-mouth can be a much cheaper, faster, and more effective launch tactic than traditional PR/media, and how blogging technlogy can enable this.


Highly readable, and contains some interesting commentary on the evolution of employee blogging at Microsoft and Sun.


Naked Conversations, by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.


Scoble is known as the quintessential Microsoft blogger and his blog is one of the top 5 business blogs on the net.


- Marc from the Lean Team

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