Microsoft Edge behavior processing third-party extensions


Microsoft Edge is the new default browser built for Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is designed for the modern web and does not support Internet Explorer (IE) legacy extensibility points. Because Microsoft Edge will be the default browser on Windows 10, this guidance is intended to provide orientation to the customer on how to handle scenarios where web sites hosting third-party extensions will be treated when browsing using Microsoft Edge.

Third-party extensions

It is important to highlight that several internet services, such as Internet Banking, may use third-party extensions like ActiveX to provide access and have full functionality of their applications. Because Microsoft Edge will not support those third-party extensions, the alternative will be to use Internet Explorer 11, which will also be included with Windows 10.

If Microsoft Edge runs into content that requires legacy IE functionality that is no longer supported, it will offer to launch IE for that site as shown in the screenshot below (Open with Internet Explorer).

Enterprise Customers

Some legacy enterprise web applications might have the same behavior with Microsoft Edge. However, IE11 on Windows 10 will continue to support Enterprise Mode. Enterprises with a significant amount of content that requires legacy IE functionality can choose to enable IE11 as the default browser while they transition content to modern standards.


First, we recommend you to obtain support directly with the third-party company when facing issues loading their pages with either Microsoft Edge or IE11. However, in case you are still facing issues you can also get personalized support by engaging the following channels:


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