Brazil – Potential DST Change – Customer Guidance


Based on recent news throughout Brazilian communication channels last week, the Brazilian Government announced that it is evaluating the possibility to extend current DST for 30 more days.
Current Brazil DST (Brasília -3:00 GMT) started last October 19th and it is planned to end on February, 22nd. In case Brazil DST extension is confirmed, it would push the end of current DST to March, 22nd.
In the same news reports, the final Government decision of DST extension will be made next Thursday, February 12th.


In order to achieve a more seamless transitions to new DST and time zone policies, and allow ample time to implement the changes in product and services, Microsoft respectfully requests that governments consider and provide at least 1 year notice of official confirmation of DST planned changes.

At this time, there is no official publication (decree) by Brazilian Government that current DST will be extended for 30 more days. Therefore, any public guidance or possible hotfix request on how to accommodate Microsoft Software on DST changes will not be made public at this time.  It is important to highlight that Microsoft has vast experiences on how to quickly handle last notice DST change requests. Our Customer Service and Support teams will be ready to assist our customers when the change occurs. Therefore, after official confirmation of Brazil Government towards extending current DST for 30 more days, Microsoft will publish a full guidance to customers in less than 24 hours.  

Next Steps:

  • Customers will be notified by  appropriated communication channels such as Blogs (LATAM Blog), e-mail and official Brazil DST website (Centro de Ajuda e Suporte para Horário de Verão).
  • Premier customers with additional questions are encouraged to open a Support Incident to get extra clarification as needed and work with their TAMs.
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