New Update brings TZUTIL command-line tool to Windows Vista and Windows 2008

The recently release KB2556308 adds an important utility to Windows Vista and Windows 2008.

Before the KB2556308 Windows Vista and Windows 2008 users had no supported way to change the operating system’s time zone via script. Manual changes were the only supported method.
TZUTIL.EXE was introduced in Windows 7. The tool can be used to list current time zone information or to modify current settings.

To use the command just open a Command Prompt:


The tool can be used in scripts to deploy time zone changes to several machines. During the past year we have published several DST related posts that uses TZTUTIL in our LATAM blog.

You can request the update by visiting KB KB2556308 or directly here, once you are in the hotfix request site make sure to select the option "Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages" to view the complete list of languages and operating systems.


Note: Windows 2008 and Windows Vista update packages are built from the same servicing branch and are shown under the Vista Product name on the download page. The Vista titled package does install and update on Windows 2008.


For more information see Microsoft Knowledge Base: KB2556308 TZUtil command-line tool is added to Windows Vista and to Windows Server 2008.

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