Update for Daylight Saving Time for Chile now available

This post is outdated; please check our new post about Chile DST Changes here

Chile has announced an extension to its DST end date for 2011. This hotfix updates the DST end date for the “(UTC-04:00) Santiago” time zone.

More specifically, this hotfix sets DST as follows:

· Sets DST end date for Chile at first Saturday of April, 2011 at 23:59:59.999

Time zone key name

Display name

DST start

DST end

Pacific SA Standard Time

(UTC-04:00) Santiago

2nd Saturday of October at 23:59:59.999

1st Saturday of April, 2011 at 23:59:59.999

You can request the update by visiting KB 2519231 or directly here, once you are in the hotfix request site make sure to select the option "Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages" to view the complete list of languages and operating systems.


Note: Windows 2008 and Windows Vista update packages are built from the same servicing branch and are shown under the Vista Product name on the download page. The Vista titled package does install and update on Windows 2008.


For more information see Microsoft Knowledge Base: 2519231 2011 Windows DST hotfix for Chile.

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