Windows To Go devicene begynner å komme

As a brief aside, for those of you who may not be familiar with Windows To Go, it’s a fully manageable corporate Windows 8 desktop on a bootable USB stick which allows employees to work from anywhere on any compatible device, while also helping IT professionals keep their organizations secure.  In essence, IT provisions Windows 8 Enterprise on a certified USB drive and provides the drive to end users.  A Windows To Go user inserts the drive into a compatible personal or company provided PC and boots into their personalized Windows 8 image. 

What does it mean to be certified for Windows To Go?

Drive certification and optimization is a process that each of the drive vendors must go through to ensure their USB drives will provide an optimal experience for end users.  Aside from passing a battery of certification tests (HCK), each drive undergoes supplemental testing including a self-hosting process across numerous PCs.  Any time an anomaly is found it is remediated and the drive is retested.  As noted, this is not an easy process; each vendor seeking certification has put significant time, effort, and financial support behind creating and certifying their Windows To Go drives.  

Important Windows To Go documentation links:

  • Windows To Go on TechNet:  Technical information, deployment guidance, frequently asked questions, up to date certified drive listings, etc.
  • Windows 8 Enterprise:  Includes new updated branding and important information for businesses.


Vendor drive certification, and availability:


Drive Name

Vendor Link

Press Release



DataTraveler Workspace

Kingston Press Release

Certified drives available


Express RC8

SuperTalent Press Release

Certified drives available


My Passport Enterprise

WD Press Release

Certified drives available

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