Event Information: Second Wave of Clinical Mobility: Right Device for the Right Task – Tuesday, June 26, 2012 3:00 pm

Duration: 1 hour
Care delivery costs are
rising across Europe and threatening to bankrupt both citizens and their
countries. Mobile clinical workflows can help improve efficiency, lower costs
and improve care.
Going mobile is no longer an option, it’s a daily
expectation. Looking up date at the point of care is a good start, but mobile
tools can also help facilitate data sharing and collaboration among the provider

With the proliferation of mobile devices growing from Smartphones
to Tablets, to Ultrabooks, what mobile tool should you consider for the task at
hand? With the upcoming introduction of Windows 8 for mobile devices what type
of added functionality and features can you expect from your mobile

We will offer practical advice and preview a tool you can use to
help select the best device for your needs. Come hear Intel and Microsoft
discuss how you might navigate the world of multiple devices and the amazing new
world of Windows 8.













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