Free eBook: Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime

Microsoft Press has published a book Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime (ISBN 9780735656949), by Katherine Murray. This is has been made available as Free eBook and can be downloaded from here. In this Book helps find ideas and solutions in Office 365 if you Own or work in a small business…


Known issues with Office for Mac on MacOS 10.7 (Lion)

This article discusses known issues that may occur with Office for Mac applications on MacOS 10.7 (Lion). Note: Microsoft has been working with Apple from the early days of MacOS 10.7 (Lion). Through this partnership, many issues were addressed leading up to the Lion release. Microsoft will continue to work closely with Apple to address…


Office 365 Partner Resources

The eagerly anticipated launch of Office 365 has finally arrived. Don’t miss the resources below for new content that will help partners lead the way to the cloud with the most trusted name in business productivity. The new QuickStart is the place for all Office 365 Online Services Partner readiness resources. Quickstart shows partners how…


Got packets? website for network professionals and Lync

The Lync Network Infrastructure Roadmap is a one-stop website for network professionals who need detailed information on Lync specifically around network issues. Updated with links to core Lync content, the site also includes links to Network Infrastructure Optimization guides written by Microsoft partners Aruba Networks, Brocade, HP and Juniper.


New Gateways, ip-pbxs, and sip TRUNKING qualified with lync

Now supported: Audiocodes gateways for smaller (800 MSBG) and larger (Mediant 3000) deployments, Cisco ISR Gateways, CUCM 8.0.3, Avaya 5.2.1 with documentation, SIP Trunking providers QSC AG and Hafslund. Always updated at


Don’t crash your next demo! use Lync virtual machines!

Used for all of Microsoft’s large events, the Lync virtual machines provide a complete environment including AD, Exchange, Lync and SharePoint. Great for demos, public events and lab deployments alike. Download here


Introducing the “Exchange Server 2010 Technical Video Series” on TechCenter

Struggling to find an overview of what the latest EAS features are? Planning a migration from Exchange 2003 and looking for a basic introduction to Database Availability Groups (DAGs)? These videos are for you! They give customers a fundamental technical education on Exchange Server 2010. Each video runs 20-30 minutes and includes an overview of…


Aruba Networks beats Cisco with lync

Aruba Networks is a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise. It has recently joined the Lync Network Infrastructure Optimization program where upon testing with Lync, Aruba Wi-Fi provided a 75% better performance over Cisco. Aruba is able to provide sophisticated analytics to prioritize Lync media traffic over Wi-Fi even when…


SharePoint 2010 Reload kurs

Bouvet har laget et kursopplegg for seniorkonsulenter som ønsker flere ben å stå på ved å lære seg SharePoint. Kurset dekker første sertifiseringsnivå innen SharePoint og gir deg i tillegg en “flying start” på forberedelsene mot neste nivå. I tillegg til sertifiseringen fokuserer de på å overføre den praktiske erfaringen/”best practise” fra ulike SharePoint prosjekter. Gjennom 8…