Office Communications Server ‘14’ Developer Platform Disclosure


At Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference 2009, Microsoft began disclosure of the Wave 14 features of Office Communications Server. Interested customers can learn more about the upcoming APIs in the recordings listed below.


Please note that with the announcement of the new client APIs and controls Microsoft also confirmed that certain current features will be deprecated, most notably the Communicator Tabs. Communicator Tabs are deprecated to provide a consistent user experience inside the Communicator UI.  Communicator Tabs will be replaced by the ability to launch applications from Communicator while passing information like the selected contacts to those applications. Such third party applications will however need to be run in a separate window, so the current Tab size restrictions many developers complained about will no longer apply.


For more details about the exciting new features, please to the video links below.


   Unified Communications – Platform Futures

Integrating and Extending OC

The Exchange 2010 Developer Story: Building Rich Exchange-enabled Applications for the Enterprise and the Cloud


Also for Exchange, Microsoft disclosed some cool new integrations into Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 and Azure using Silverlight, features that will only get more easy in a future release of Exchange.

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