iSCSI or SMB Direct, Which one is better?

Since Windows Server 2012, we support placing Hyper-V VM and SQL Server's database in a file share (SMB Share). That provides a cost effective storage solution. Meanwhile, Windows Server also has built-in iSCSI Target and initiator. Then the question come up. Which one is better, iSCSI or SMB? Like consultant's standard answer, "It depends…" In the following circumstances, you may want…


Performance Consideration for Disaggregated and Hyper-converged Configurations

There are two targeted deployment scenarios for Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). Both cases provide storage for Hyper-V, specifically focusing on Hyper-V IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) for Service Providers and Enterprises. The disaggregated deployment scenario separate has the Hyper-V servers (compute node) in a separate cluster from the S2D servers (storage node)….