Deploy S2D Lab w/ Script on One Single Machine

Recently in a local discussion group, people are talking about leveraging VMs  validating the Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) functionalities.  Actually that’s not something new. Claus posted a blog two months ago and introduce how to deploy Storage Spaces Direct in Azure ( In this blog I will show you how I deploy a S2D environment on one…


Performance Consideration for Disaggregated and Hyper-converged Configurations

There are two targeted deployment scenarios for Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). Both cases provide storage for Hyper-V, specifically focusing on Hyper-V IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) for Service Providers and Enterprises. The disaggregated deployment scenario separate has the Hyper-V servers (compute node) in a separate cluster from the S2D servers (storage node)….