Remove-EdgeSubscription : Can’t make this change because the object’s ExchangeVersion property is 0.20 (

We get error while removing Edge Synchronization from Exchange 2010 Edge servers.

Remove-EdgeSubscription : Can't make this change because the object's ExchangeVersion property is 0.20 (, which is not supported by the current version 0.1 (8.0.535.0). You will need a newer version of Exchange to make this change.

Remove-EdgeSubscription removes both the subscription and any subscribed objects from the local ADAM database on the Edge Server. But if any of these subscribed objects where created on Exchange 2013 after it was installed, then they will have an ExchangeVersion equal to 0.20 ( The Exchange 2010 SP3 Remove-EdgeSubscription cannot process this object and so fails with the above error.


  • Need to find objects with an ExchangeVersion greater than “0.1 (8.0.535.0)”, which is the version Exchange 2010 will process.
  • Open ADSIEdit on the Edge server and connect to the Configuration container on port 50389.
  • Look at each object, starting with those having created since 2013 was installed, for an object whose msExchVersion value is not 4535486012416.
  • Manually delete all objects from ADAM ADSIEdit. There is no issue deleting it from ADSIEdit as the object will replicate in the next EdgeSync cycle anyway.
  • Once these objects are gone, Run Remove-EdgeSubscription.

Disclaimer: Please make the necessary changes as per your requirement.

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