New 64bit DUAL CORE Servers in the RAT CAGE… YAAAH

Who are the new animals in the rat cage?  Two new servers... that you as a Microsoft customer can use for testing! 

HP ProLiant DL585,
Four 2.4ghz AMD Opteron 64bit DUAL CORE processors,
32GB of RAM,
Four 32gb 2.5 inch SAS drives

If you are not familiar with what multiple core processors can do for you, visit AMD's website where they have a great overview.  Here's a direct link to their multi core information.

If you want more information on this particular server, here's a link to HP's website on the 585.

I can post more pictures and detail photos of the guts of these beasts if you'd like.  Just drop me a comment below.

Here are some teasers (click on the pictures for larger versions):


The drive on the left is a normal Ultra3 drive.  The drive on the right is the new 2.5 inch SAS drive

-- Marcus

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