Exchange Server Status (cont)

Man...  the LabRat must have eaten some bad cheese, as I've been out of the office with a sick stomach..  Oh well, enough of my woes...

To expand on the Exchange Server Connection Status window...  actually, I would prefer to call it the Outlook Connection Status window, because in my opinion, it tells you more about Outlook than Exchange.

Anyhow, it tells you quite a bit of information, but our Customer Support guys primarily use it for troubleshooting RPC over HTTP.  You can configure Outlook to connect in various ways.  Most folks want to use traditional RPC when utilizing fast networks, then have Outlook fall back to RPC over HTTP when connected via slow networks.

This connection dialog box allows you to quickly see whether you are connected via HTTP or not.

Also, don't freak out if you see multiple same-type connections to the same server.  For example, it is not uncommon to see multiple Directory connections to the same domain controller.  Outlook makes multiple connections to do global address book lookups, to determine your Exchange server, etc. 

As for the Req/Fail and Avg Resp columns, you can gather how many requests were made and how many failed for that particular connection.  Likewise, you can see the average amount of time it took to respond to those requests.  You'll probably see a lot more failed requests when using RPC over HTTP with slow connections (such as Internet connections). 

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