Tips on the way from the Lab Rat

To give you a bit of a background....  I work in the Microsoft Services Labs.    Our facilities are for customers (like you) to come in and perform testing with Microsoft providing guidance and consulting.  We do everything from customer-developed application testing (not client functional testing, but performance/scalability on the sever side of things), migration testing, disaster recovery testing, and so on.  Since we do a variety of testing with many talented people from Microsoft involved, we tend to see a lot of neat stuff, some of which you could learn a few things. 

I just thought that I would use my blog to share some of these tidbits with you.  Some of them may be something very small that helps you with day-to-day tasks. 

For example, there is a really easy and simple keyboard shortcut to lock your computer.  Simply hold down the Windows Logo key on your keyboard while hitting the L key.  You do lock your computer when you walk away from it, don't you?

Some of these are menial and trivial to my fellow Microsoft employees where sometimes we devalue how great it is to pick up small things from each other....  but to some of the customers that come through our labs, they are great little nuggets of information.

Other tips may be a lot more complicated (something I come across in the lab).  This may be a complex solution to a problem or a common mistake we see many customers making while testing in the lab

Anyhow, if I can make your life a little easier or teach you something, I've accomplished my intended task.

- Marcus

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