Key Vault in Azure China and Azure Government

Hello folks! Happy New Year!!

We have been busy working through the end of last year to make Key Vault generally available in more regions and polish Key Vault logging feature to make it generally available in public Azure.

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In our first blog in 2016 we are excited to announce that Key Vault is now generally available in Azure China, which includes Azure regions China North (Beijing) and China East (Shanghai); and also in Azure Government, which includes Azure regions US Gov Iowa and US Gov Virginia. For the uninitiated, Azure Government is a physically and network isolated instance of Microsoft Azure, designed to meet US government demands.

Also we are happy to announce that in public Azure regions Key Vault logging feature we announced as preview last year (see our last blog post) is now generally available.

Note: Key Vault Logging feature is not yet available in the Azure China and Azure Government, but rest assured that we’re working on it and it should be available in coming weeks.

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